Marketing Phone Case Designs With Snap Case and Tough Case Mockups

Marketing Phone Case Designs With Snap Case and Tough Case Mockups

Marketing Phone Case Designs With Snap Case and Tough Case Mockups


Are you looking for customizable iPhone case mockups online? There’s good news for you! You can get customizable snap case mockups and tough case mockups in one bundle with up to 18 editable images based on professional photographs.

Phone case mockup for snap and tough cases

A phone case mockup video template or image template makes professional presentation easy. Read on to find out why you should use phone case marketing image templates (if you aren’t already) and snap up our offer of a free, customizable template for an iPhone case mockup online. But first, an introduction for those who are exploring their options and a glimpse into the philosophy behind our customizable creations.

Why Your Choice of Mockup Template Matters

When it comes to imagery, your phone case mockup bundle should be based on real photos taken by a professional - like the ones you see above. Anything less will either look amateurish or unrealistic. The importance of presenting the right image for both your product and your brand can’t be overstated.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, visuals play a pivotal role in capturing attention and driving sales. For businesses specializing in phone accessories, such as snap and tough cases, the presentation of products is crucial in conveying quality and style to potential customers. That's where real photo phone case mockups come into play, offering a powerful tool to showcase your products in the most compelling light.

Gone are the days of bland, generic mockups that fail to do justice to your meticulously designed phone cases. Real photo phone case mockups breathe life into your products, allowing customers to envision how they would look and feel in real life. Whether you're selling sleek snap cases or rugged tough cases, these mockups provide a professional and polished presentation that sets your brand apart from the competition.

New to all this but still eager to showcase your mockup phone case designs? Before we dig into the more technical details, let’s look at the advantages of using our phone case mockup templates.

Advantages of Using Templates Like Our iPhone Phone Case Mockups

Realistic phone case mockups women holding phone case

Traditionally, you’d have to set up a photo shoot and photograph real examples of each of your designs separately. You’d need some really professional equipment, plus the skill to put it to work for you - or you’d have to hire a professional photographer, and possibly a model - to help you out.


Alternatively, you’d need to set up your own template based on several high-quality, non-proprietary images. When you choose products like an iPhone case template from Bettermockups, you can bypass the hassle and the image editing learning curves and develop unique tough phone case mockups that reflect your brand and your creativity. Just look at all the options you can explore using our iPhone 14 snap and tough case mockups - and you get up to 18 images to play with! But some advantages don’t show in the images. Let’s sum up those benefits.

1. Speed to market

Phone makers like Apple regularly launch new models. Designers who can showcase their phone accessories fastest stand to beat their competitors to sales. Currently, the iPhone 15 pro case template is the one to watch out for. Keep tabs on our new products - we always aim to be first with the iPhone case template maker to match the opportunities and trends of the moment!

2. Time-saving

Time is money and creating a phone case mockup from scratch can be time-consuming. With our templates, you can quickly customize designs without starting from square one. And, with so many customization features, your mockups will be different from anyone else’s. You get more done faster and can move on to the next project on your to-do-list.

3. Professionalism

Phone Case Mockups from Bettermockups ensure consistency and professionalism. Our templates feature high-quality graphics and layouts that give your designs a polished, up-to-the-minute look. In today's crowded marketplace, establishing a strong brand identity is essential for standing out and fostering customer loyalty. Real photo mockups provide a valuable opportunity to showcase not just your products, but also the values and personality of your brand. Whether you emphasize sleek sophistication or rugged durability, the right mockup can help reinforce your brand messaging.

4. Customization

Our mockup templates are highly customizable. You can easily tweak colors and textures, add text, insert images, and adjust other elements to match your branding or design requirements. Why look like everyone else when you can stand out from the pack?

5. Visualize Designs

You have some great ideas, but how will they look in real life? Mockup templates allow you to visualize your designs in a realistic setting, helping you assess how they'll look in the real world before manufacturing or printing. For example, does your iPhone snap case mockup look as good as the same design applied to a tough case? Do you need to tweak the design? You’ll know the answers at a glance!

6. Cost-effective

Creating your own mockups or hiring a designer can be expensive. Using templates can significantly reduce costs, especially for small businesses or independent designers. Best of all, our templates are created by pro designers, so you get the benefit of their expertise for a fraction of the price. Check out our best-selling iPhone 15 case mockup, think of all those customisation options, and imagine the mileage you can get from using this handy template.

7. Versatile

Our templates come in various styles and formats, catering to different phone models and design preferences. For example, you can choose an iPhone 14 case mockup video template, iPhone 15 case template or a Samsung S22 Ultra Tough Case mockup. Plus, we aren’t bound to a single image editing software package. This versatility ensures that you can find a template suitable for your specific needs.

8. Ease of Use

Our phone case mockups offer user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for even non-designers to create professional-looking mockups with minimal effort. You can choose templates that work with your favorite image editing software. For example, you can get an iPhone case mockup for Canva or a mockup bundle that works with Photoshop.

9. Marketing and Presentation

High-quality mockups are essential for marketing and presenting your products effectively. They can be used in promotional materials, online stores like Etsy, social media, and presentations to showcase your phone case designs attractively. Because there are so many uses for your images, you can save them as .png files, helping you to retain resolution and detail. 

All in all, using phone case mockup templates streamlines the design process, saves time and money, and helps you present your products in the best possible light.

Fast Facts on Products Like Our iPhone Case Mockup Templates

Realistic phone case mockups women holding two phone case

What is a Sublimation Phone Case Mockup?

A sublimation phone case mockup is a digital representation of a phone case design that can be customized and applied to different types and models of phone cases using sublimation printing techniques. Sublimation printing involves transferring a design onto a substrate (in this case, a phone case) using heat and pressure, which results in a high-quality, durable, and vibrant print.

The mockup allows designers to evaluate their phone case designs in a realistic way before actually producing them. Sublimation mockups typically include a template of a phone case, which can be customized with different designs, patterns, or images. This helps designers visualize how their designs will look on the final product and make any necessary adjustments before printing.

Can You Use a Sublimation Phone Case Mockup in Marketing?

The sublimation mockups that are used in the initial design and manufacturing process aren't suitable as marketing collateral. For that, you want consumers to form an impression on how the phone case design would match their lifestyle and aspirations. For example, you would choose images that imply elegance and luxury for some designs, and more relaxed, informal images for others.

That’s where our customizable mockups help you. As every marketer knows, the way products are presented has a strong influence on purchasing decisions. Check out the images in this article and you’ll spot the personalities and preferences they’ll appeal to. The message is unspoken, but the image says it all. Consider the type of person your design would appeal to - then target your market by selecting and customizing images that will resonate with them.

Apart from creating atmosphere and targeting markets, the images you can create with our mockup templates help customers to see exactly what they are purchasing and how it would look in a real-world scenario. Because the product is presented in an appealing and professional manner, these market-faced images are the key to increased sales.  

All The Uses for Phone Case Mockups

Realistic phone case mockups women holding phone case, Multiple colors

Phone case mockups are incredibly versatile and serve various purposes, especially in the digital design and marketing realms. Here's a rundown of their uses:

  1. Client Presentations: Designers often use phone case mockups in client presentations to demonstrate design concepts and gather feedback before finalizing the product. It’s a great way of gauging possible demand before manufacturing so that you don’t end up holding more inventory than you need to at any given time.
  2. Marketing Materials: You can use the same mockups to create striking promotional materials such as high quality print advertisements and social media posts. These mockups grab people’s attention and help consumers to visualize how the phone case would look on their devices, thus increasing engagement and sales.
  3. E-commerce Websites: Phone case mockups are essential for e-commerce platforms selling phone accessories. They provide high-quality visuals that can be used as product images on websites, ensuring a professional, appealing and consistently high-quality presentation.
  4. Customization Tools: Some businesses use phone case mockups as part of their customer-faced customization tools, allowing customers to preview and personalize their own phone case designs before placing an order. Naturally, this level of bespoke customization implies a premium product and a much higher price tag.
  5. Design Portfolio: Designers often use phone case mockups to showcase their design skills in their portfolios. This allows potential employers to see examples of their work in a real-world context.
  6. Educational Purposes: Phone case mockups can be used in design courses or tutorials to teach students about product presentation, branding, and marketing strategies.

Why Choose a Real Photo Phone Case Mockup?

  1. Realism: Real photo mockups accurately represent how the phone case will look in real life. This helps customers visualize the final product more effectively, leading to better-informed purchasing decisions.
  2. Authenticity: Realistic mockups convey authenticity, making it easier for customers to trust the product. This authenticity can enhance the perceived value of the phone case and strengthen brand credibility.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Real photo mockups often showcase the phone case in visually appealing settings or environments, which can capture the attention of potential buyers and create a positive impression of the product.
  4. Versatility: Real photo mockups can be easily customized to match different styles, colors, and designs of phone cases. This versatility allows businesses to showcase their entire product range effectively.
  5. Professionalism: Using real photo mockups demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and quality presentation. This can help businesses stand out in a crowded market and attract discerning customers.

Do I Need to be an Expert on Photoshop or Canva to Use These Mockups?

Whether you’re using a phone case mockup on Canva or Photoshop, you absolutely do not need to be an expert. We’ve made everything easy for you with “help” features that will guide you through the process. Is this your first ever mockup? It might take a little longer the very first time round, but after that, you’ll be ready to work like a pro - and get equally good results.

Which is Better: Photoshop or Canva?

If you haven’t yet chosen which platform to use, you can go for either. However, we will say that Canva is a great platform for beginners - and PC World agrees. Its menus and user interfaces are really easy to master and the results are as professional as anything you might have imagined - and with our templates - more so.


Photoshop, on the other hand, though more complex, offers tons of advanced functionality. Your primary reasons for choosing Photoshop may be that you already have it or because you want seamless integration with other Adobe products.

Test an iPhone 12 Case Template Free

So far, we’re checking all the boxes, and you’re wondering if you can create an iPhone case mockup as easily as we’re leading you to believe when you use our templates. We’ve got you! Test our mockup template and discover that Bettermockups really are better when you try one of our iPhone case mockups FREE.


Free Phone Case Mockup download is here.


And, before you say: “Oh! Isn't the iPhone 12 kind of old?” We've got good news for you. The iPhone 12 is still considered to be a good phone to buy in 2024. But don’t take it from us! Check out what Reddit users are saying. There’s definitely still a market for iPhone 12 phone cases, so hang onto that mockup phone case free design tool and put it to good use. You'll be glad you did.  

Present Your Phone Case Design Professionally With Bettermockups

In the competitive world of e-commerce, the importance of visual presentation cannot be overstated. Real photo phone case mockups offer a powerful tool for showcasing your products in the most compelling light, allowing you to elevate your brand and captivate customers. Whether you specialize in snap cases, tough cases, or both, investing in high-quality mockups is a wise decision that can pay dividends in terms of increased sales and customer satisfaction.

So why settle for ordinary mockups or go to all the trouble and expense of making your own mockups from scratch when you can showcase your products in their best light with designer quality, real photo mockups? Visit our store and choose awesome phone case mockup bundles. Now sell like a superstar and stay tuned for more!