Why You Need an iPhone Case Video Mockup - Plus Marketing Tips

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Why You Need an iPhone 14 Pro Phone Case Video Mockup - Plus Marketing Tips

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As a person with entrepreneurial spirit and creative ideas, you’ll know the importance of having the right marketing tools at your disposal. If you’re designing phone cases, you can purchase phone case mockups that help you to market your products. Your sublimation phone case mockup is purely technical. You’ll use it to get your designs into production, but marketing your designs requires a different approach. You’ll need stunning photos and videos that get people’s attention, making them eager to buy your products.


Since it makes sense to cater for people with different tastes, you’ll have generated several designs you’d like to showcase. Creating your own iPhone case mockups for marketing can be a costly and time-consuming challenge. With Bettermockups, it doesn’t have to be that way.


In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why you need phone case video mockups, and how you can edit and use iPhone 14 case mockup templates. Generate all the marketing collateral you need and use our tips to get your marketing campaign underway. Keep reading to get the inside edge and claim your FREE iPhone case mockup.

Why You Need Mock up Phone Case Marketing Images and Video

You’re ready to take the market by storm with your stunning phone case designs. But to do so, you need awesome images that demonstrate your professionalism, and your must-have designs, to B2B or retail customers.


You’ll want to test the waters a little before you go ahead with a full-scale production run. If you don’t, you could end up tying up your resources in a lot of stock you can’t move - or running out of stock just as sales gain momentum. To present and market your designs well, and get an indication of how popular they may be, you need iPhone case mockup videos and images.

What Does it Cost to Create Phone Case Video Mockups and Photo Mockups?


Provided you have lots of time on your hands and the resources to put together a team consisting of photographers, videographers, models, and image editing specialists, you could make your own mockup templates. How professional the results will be depends on their skills and the amount of time and money you’re willing to invest. Worst of all, it can be hard to predict the costs involved in getting a result that matches your vision.


Alternatively, you can look for professional quality iPhone case mockups that are already set up for customisation to display your designs. The cost is predictable, you already know what results you can expect, and finalizing your photo and video mockups for phone cases is easy. All you need is a template that’s compatible with your favorite video or image editing software.


For example, you can make video mockups using an iPhone case mockup template that’s made for use with Adobe After Effects or phone case mockups for Canva. Within a few minutes, you can have professional images and videos featuring your designs.


Want specifics about the cost? At time of writing the most expensive video mockups for phone cases from Bettermockups are surprisingly affordable. All the professional methods you would want to see at work in your project cost a mere $45. Contrast this with the cost of stock images - and the time it would take to turn them into editable templates.

What You Get From a Bettermockups iPhone Case Mock up Template

Real Photo Phone Case Mockups Snap Tough Mockups

When it comes to choosing phone case mockup videos and stills there are a few important points to look out for. At Bettermockups, we fulfill all your requirements - don’t settle for anything less!

1. Real, high quality photos and videos

Although you’ll be tweaking your template to showcase your project, you need to begin with a template that’s based on real photos and video footage.


Real photos help to accurately showcase how a design or product will look in a real-life setting. They add credibility and context to the mockup, allowing clients or customers to better visualize the final product. Beside this, real photos can help to convey the intended mood or style of the design, making it more appealing and enticing to viewers.


Of course, the quality of the raw material must be excellent. Bettermockups uses professional photographs and video footage to help you do your designs justice.  

2. High resolution

We use high resolution videos for mockup templates that ensure your final design will look crisp, clear, and professional. It’s not overkill! Low resolution footage can appear pixelated or blurry when enlarged, resulting in a poor quality finished product.


Bear in mind that your finished mockup video will be viewed on various devices. You may even want to project it onto a screen during a presentation. Additionally, high-resolution images are essential for creating realistic and highly detailed mockups that accurately represent your products.

3. Multiple angles

Before people purchase a product, they’ll pick it up and view it from every angle. To a certain extent, you can simulate this with images, but video creates a more immersive, realistic viewing experience. Demonstrate your phone case design from all the important perspectives.

4. Dynamic Text

Another advantage of using an iPhone case video mockup is that you can add dynamic text that draws attention to the design features you want customers to notice as the video plays. For example, you can point out textures and finishes, show the raised bezels and layers that protect devices against impacts, and so on.

5. Fully customizable

You may have chosen a template, but you still want your presentation to look unique and your product to display realistically. Besides showcasing patterns and motifs, you’ll need the ability to change textures between glossy and matte. Of course, you’d want to use your text, too. Customize the background color not only to display your phone case design well but to reinforce your branding. Bettermockups help you create videos as original as your phone case ideas.

6. Easy to use

Saving time is part of the reason for choosing a mockup template. Even if you’ve never edited a video before, your mockup is super-easy to customize. You can see all the editing options and implement your choices quickly. Just in case you do get stuck, you want help options - including someone you can contact for help or additional customization if needed. Bettermockups is there for you!

8. Divided into Scenes

Just as a movie is divided into scenes, your short marketing video from Bettermockups offers you a variety of scenes to tell your product “story.” Because each scene focuses on a different aspect, it helps to hold the viewer’s attention. As an additional benefit, choosing a single scene for display at any given time or recombining scenes is possible, adding an extra dimension to customizability.

7. Adaptable for use across platforms

With your tough phone case mockup video made, it’s time to put it out there so prospective customers can view it. Your website is an obvious place to display your designs, but if you’re retailing your phone cases, you’ll want to make a splash on platforms like Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook too. This requires two formats to suit the platforms you display your video, and our templates support both.

Tips For Using Your iPhone Case Mockups Online

iPhone 14 Pro Tough & Snap(slim) Case Video Mockups - Tough Phone Case Video Mockups For iPhone 14 Pro Max! iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Mockup / Sublimation Product Template

With only a few minutes spent on creating your iPhone case video mockups, you can get a whole lot of mileage out of each customized item. Video is the ultimate eye-catcher. According to Sci Space, video is more attractive, memorable, and engaging than still images - and there’s research to prove it. This makes it your top choice for social media advertising and to enrich the content on your eCommerce platforms.


But regular images still have value - so don’t overlook our phone case mockup bundles featuring up to 18 high-resolution images. A picture paints a thousand words - and your still image mockups can grace multiple platforms too. Whether you use video mockups or stills, you should use the following platforms to help you reach your customers.

1. Use iPhone case mockups to create product images for e-commerce marketplaces

In terms of traffic, the following marketplaces  take the crown:


  • Amazon - no surprises! Ready to begin with iPhone 15 phone case templates and mockups? We are too!
  • eBay - it’s not just for bidding. The Buy it Now option lets you set pricing. Do be ready to work the high costs of using this platform into your selling price
  • Rakuten - it may be based in Japan, but it’s global. It supports sellers from the US and Europe, but costs can be high and should be taken into account.
  • Shopeee - if you are targeting Southeast Asia, Shopeee gives you access to a massive market.
  • AliExpress - the Chinese version of Amazon, AliExpress has global reach and is ranked as the 5th most popular marketplace. However you can only register as a seller if you are from China, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, or Turkey.
  • Etsy - focussed on arts, crafts, and gifts, Etsy fits the bill for small businesses with creative and attractive design ideas.
  • Walmart -  it’s so “US,” but Walmart’s eCommerce platform is open to sellers from several other countries too.
  • Mercado Libre - the top platform for reaching Latin America.
  • Temu/ Pinduoduo - this massive marketplace now spans 44 countries. You will need to undertake a registration process to become a vendor and competition is fierce!
  • Target - active in the US and Australia.
  • Zalando - you can integrate Zalando with your existing Shopify. This platform offers fashion-related items across Europe

2. Use iPhone case mock up for your own online store or website

Got a shopfront in Shopify? It’s the top way to sell online. There are other options, but Shopify offers you shipping discounts and has a relatively low subscription cost, plus it’s completely targeted toward e-commerce. Regardless of the type of online store you choose to have, your mockups present your products to advantage.

3. Use iPhone case mockups from Bettermockups in social media marketing

Your target market is active on social media, which offers you many opportunities. Whether you’re riding on hashtag research or using targeted advertising options, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest represent your top three.


Users are scrolling through their feeds, so you want especially appealing images to make them stop and take note. That’s why Bettermockups templates offer showstopping images that appeal to people with various tastes and interests.

Check them here.


Because video has movement, it’s even more eye-catching. Whether you use video or stills, you can incorporate visual cues that appeal to specific market segments. Your mockup templates from Bettermockups help you stand a better chance of making people stop scrolling and take a closer look at your designs.

4. Demonstrate your designs to third-party sellers, investors, or partners

You might decide to leave selling your designs to others instead of selling them yourself. Having your ready-to-use marketing collateral allows you to pitch your ideas professionally. And, should they choose to market your products for you, your professional mockups allow them to evaluate and offer your products without creating images and videos themselves. As for potential investors, your powerful mockups show that you mean business and have something special to offer,

Advertise, Present, Sell: Our Mockups Drive Sales

Bettermockups iPhone snap case mockups or tough case mockups allow you to present your products professionally and get sales. Get more mileage from your designs by offering slim snap cases or tough cases for iPhone 14. Don’t limit yourself! Although iPhone 14 cases are currently top sellers, you’ll need iPhone 15 case mockups too. Your iPhone 15 pro case template is sure to become your top marketing tool in 2024.  When it comes to customizable mockups, we have you covered, and making mockup videos and creating marketing stills needn’t be big-budget items.


Explore our easy-to-use projects and keep tabs on our offerings. As technology progresses with new products, we keep pace with photo and video templates. You make the sales, and we offer all the support you need when creating great mockups with us. Not sure if our mockups are right for you? Try out our iPhone 12 case template FREE! And hang onto that free mockup template! People are still enjoying the iPhone 12 in 2024!


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